Black garment traders sternly warned

TRADERS have been warned not to overprice their black clothes which are now in high demand as Thai people flock to markets, department stores, shopping malls as well as pavement vendors to buy black garments to wear in observance of the mourning for the late HM the King, Thai PBS said.

Mrs Nanthawan Sakuntanark, director-general of Internal Trade Department, said the department’s officials had been sent out to check on daily basis and find out whether traders are overcharging their customers . A similar measure was also implemented in the provinces to protect consumers from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous traders, she added.

Traders must clearly show the price tags of the black clothes so that customers can see them before buying, she said.

Mrs Nanthawan further said that there would be enough supply to meet the high demand.

Unfairly overpricing may be liable to imprisonment of a maximum of seven years and/or a fine of 140,000 baht, she warned.


Mrs Nanthawan issuing a warning to garment traders. Photo: Thai PBS



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