Chiang Mai reaching the coldest point of the year

Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain peak in Thailand with the highest point at 2,565 meters above sea level reached 1ºC on the morning of November 27th. Visitors are filling up the mountaintop to go witness the Mouy Khap which is frost formed by the dew on leaves and flowers that become frozen in the ultimate cold temperatures of Doi Inthanon at this time of the year.


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For those who wish to encounter winter in Thailand, we advise you hurry and visit Doi Inthanon for a beautiful experience accompanied with extremely cold weather and an attraction that will wow you with the vision of nature, along with the landscape of Chiang Mai. There will be plenty of people, therefore we recommend waking up early to behold the beauty of the peak before the big crowd’s form.


The Thai Meteorological Department reported that temperatures will drop to another 3ºC, making the coldest temperature at this year up on Doi Inthanon being -1ºC. This type of cold temperature and frost cannot be seen anywhere else in Thailand other than the Northern part of Thailand, making this period of the year a popular choice for those planning to visit Doi Inthanon and North of Thailand.


The average temperature in Doi Inthanon National Park will be at 8ºC, making the area remarkably cold and adds a new experience of winter, giving a great pause from the blazing hot and humid weather that we are used to here in Thailand.




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The highlight of reaching Doi Inthanon is witnessing the Mouy Khap, a beautiful frost that forms on top of flowers, leaves, and grass from the dew that nature creates. The Thai Meteorological Department further reports that temperatures will continue to drop another 1ºC to 3ºC in the North, making the temperatures range at 13ºC to 18ºC, where the highest temperatures will be at 28ºC to 32ºC. Frost will appear in some areas depending on the temperature in the area, those who are fortunate will enjoy an intense winter this Cold Season.


FB Caption: Doi Inthanon will be so cold at -1ºC, we will get to experience winter in thailand.


Source: Khaosod