Villager thought he found treasure, turned out to be a bomb.

A villager found a mysterious box lying on the ground, with excitement the man carried the box back to his shop but later realized that it was a time bomb. The villager picked up the box and placed it in his bicycle before riding back to his shop but when he found out what it was the man placed it outside and called the officials. The Tha Phon Police in Phetchabun Province received notification on 27 April 2020 of an item that is suspected to be a bomb. The item was a paper box with a digital clock taped to the front connected to the electric wires from inside the box.


Credit: Khaosod


Officials were informed that the mysterious paper box was now placed in front of a local convenience store in the main city of Phetchabun. The officials at the Tha Phon Station then notified the Phetchabun Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team (EOD) and the local rescue team. When officials arrived they saw a paper box about 15 centimeters wide with a digital clock. Officials quickly placed a car tire around the box before informing the villagers near the area to evacuate. The EOD team inspected the box and the clock was still running. The scanner confirmed that there was a high possibility that the box was explosive. Officials used high-pressure water to render the bomb inert. Upon closer inspection, after the bomb was deactivated it was confirmed as a Timed improvised explosive device (IED).


Credit: Khaosod


The villager who found the bomb stated that he had just left the temple and was riding the bicycle to visit a friend at a store. This is when he saw a paper box on the ground in front of the temple with a clock attached to the front. The man thought he had just found something valuable and decided to take it back with him. The man put it in his bicycle’s basket and went back to his shop. He had already planned to place the clock in his shop as he saw that it was still working. Then when he arrived, one of his employees told him it was a bomb. The man quickly placed it in front of the shop and informed officials.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: One of the employees saw the box and said that it was a bomb. The owner realized this wasn’t such a great find after all.


Source: Khaosod