Singapore airline delayed for 29 hours at Don Muang airport.

Singapore airlines “Scoot” delayed for 29 hours in Don Muang airport after a mechanical issue was found in the airplane. The issue took over 29 hours to solve out, where the highest safety must be secured for the customers.


The flight came from Kyoto, Japan to Don Muang Airport in Bangkok. After the issue was found the plane could not return back to its mainland in Singapore. The airline notified its passengers that the delay was going to be about 29 hours before take-off.


Flight TR869 was traveling from Tokyo to Bangkok then back to Singapore. The flight arrived at Don Muang Airport at 15.00 sharp on November 26th. The airline stated that the flight delay was caused by a mechanical issue but did not specify which part of the plane was being repaired.


Scoot airline has gained a reputation for its cheap ticket, where customers often have problematic experiences such as booking and not receiving tickets, and issues on the plane such as air-conditioning not working and lights not working. But, passengers also prefer Scoot airlines amongst other economy airlines due to incredibly cheap prices that make it worth the risks.


The original scheduled plan was to take off to Singapore at 16.25 sharp on the same day. But, because of the delay, a new take-off time is set to be at 22.10 of November 27th. This adds up to over 29 hours delay time. Some passengers can choose to take a short tour of Bangkok with such a long delay, the 29 hours is enough to visit the Emerald Buddha, Wat Arun, Siam Paragon, Asiatique, and even to Iconsiam with enough time to return back at Don Muang 3 hours before take-off time at 19.10.


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Scoot Airlines stated to Channel News Asia (Singapore) that the airline already notified passengers of 29-hour delay along with accommodating assistance to passengers that are left to wait for the flight take-off.


There seems to be an ongoing issue with the airplane in concern, as on November 25th the same Airplane belonging to Scoot Airlines was also delayed for 7 hours on the flight from Singapore to Bangkok with the airline providing the same reasoning for both delays.


FB Caption: The 29-hour delay gives passengers enough time to take a tour around Bangkok.


Source: Sanook, Channel News Asia