Police kill man after over 4-hour chase and firefight

A THAI man high on drugs and in a bad mood after quarreling with his wife, drove out in a pickup truck and crashed through a police checkpoint with this leading to chase and firefight lasting over 4 hours and ending with him being extrajudicially shot dead, Sanook.com reported this morning (May 2).

The deceased, Mr. Prapawit, 44, set off the chase in northeastern Nakon Ratchasima province at 7 p.m. with this ending at 11.30 p.m. after he had driven his pickup truck with all 4 tires blown out for several kilometers.

The chase started at Phrom Kriri district, with the police chasing him firing and bursting all 4 tires, but Prapawit was able to drive a few more kilometers with his vehicle in that state until he reached Bejamas-Napru road in Mueang district and crashed into a traffic island.

There another round of firefight took place leading to him being extrajudicially killed.

After his body was brought out of the pickup truck police saw that he had a holster on his waist with .38 pistol on the vehicle’s floor and 107 methamphetamine pills hidden within.

His wife Mrs Thanid, 35, told police that after her husband returned to their home in Phrom Siri area last evening,  a bad quarrel ensued.

As he appeared to be high on drugs, she threatened to call the police to check his urine, so he drove out but ran into the police checkpoint.


Top: The vehicle in which Prapawit was extrajudicially shot dead. Photo: Sanook.com