Child found chasing vehicle on dark empty road while raining.

A child was found chasing a vehicle on a dark empty road while it was raining. The driver was afraid and decided to call the local rescue team. The young girl stated to the team “I am lost” she is now safe delivered back to her family. A Facebook user named “Khun On” in Thai shared the story online. The incident took place at 6 pm on 18 March 2022. The post captioned “Warning! Keep a close eye on your children. The child walked alone for kilometers lost on the road. It was also raining. I was afraid of a theft gang and was afraid to leave the car. I called the rescue team and later went out to help”. 




The video showed a girl about 2-3 years old in a red and yellow dress. She was standing on the road. There was no lights, it was dark and raining. The driver named On and his girlfriend named Bow recorded the video. The two knew it was dangerous for the little girl but there have been road theft gangs that used children to lure victims out of their vehicles. On kept on driving but the girl continued to chase the car. On later stated “The girl has been delivered safely to her grandmother. The woman stated she picked up the girl from school and did not pay much attention. She started looking for her grandaughter at about 7 pm and was about to ask for help from the village chief. The girl was found far from home and it started raining at noon”. 




“I was driving and parked when I saw the girl. She ran to knock on my door but I was afraid to leave. I saw warnings from the news before. I started driving slowly but she chased my car. It was really dark and continued to slowly drive as she chased. I worried about her but was also afraid. I decided to call the rescue team who came to help. Thank you to the Polburi Rescue team in Surin Province”. The girl was crying when the rescue team arrived. She told the team she was lost and remembered her way home. The home was located about 2 kilometers from where she was found. The grandmother stated she noticed the girl was gone when it was dinner time. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The 2-3 year old girl was lost and walked alone for over 2 kilometers in the dark while it was raining. 


Source: Sanook