Man burns his own home then attempts to burn sister’s home.

A man burned down his own home and then attempted to burn down his sister’s home. Officials in Ratchaburi Province received notification of a house fire. Police went to the area and discovered a 2-story home up in flames. Half of the home is made from wood and the fire spreads quickly. Over 10 fire trucks headed to the home along with a local rescue team. Together they helped stop the fire from spreading to other homes. They also tried to bring out as many items from inside. It took over 1 hour to finally control the flames. 



The owner is Sorapach 37 year old. After setting fire on his own home he took a motorbike and headed to his sister’s home located about 400 meters away. Sorapach smashed the windows of 3 cars and the windows of the home. Locals saw the incident and asked officials to come in to help. Relatives and officials tried to calm the man down but he was holding a knife and would not calm down. He told police to just shoot him. The man then grabbed a plastic basket, shoes, and other items before lighting them on fire in front of the home. A firetruck stopped the fire. Officials arrested the man and delivered him to the police station. 



Information reveals the man had just left prison on a case related to drugs. He has attempted to burn his own home before but locals stopped the fire. Officials will investigate to confirm whether it was an electrical fire or if it was caused by the man. Damages stand at about 400,000 THB. On the attempt to burn down his sister’s home, officials state it is up to her whether she wants to press charges. The man was given a drug test that came back positive. He is now in custody waiting for prosecution. 


Credit: Khaosod

FB Caption: The man had just left prison on a case related to drugs.


Source: Khaosod