A Couple attacked by Sexist taxi driver.

A Lesbian couple was attacked by a taxi driver after getting in an argument with the driver when he made negative comments about the LGBT community.


The victims handed evidence from the hospital on her attack to the Wat Prayakrai Police Station in Bangkok on 31 August 2019. She was attacked on the night of 29 August 2019 after getting in the taxi at 22.30. One of the victims stated that she is a tomboy in a relationship with another girl. The couple called a taxi from Central Rama9 to Soi Charoen Rat 7.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


While the taxi was driving on the tollway, the driver started talking to someone on the phone criticizing LGBT persons. The taxi started off by saying that it’s weird how some girls want to become a boy, but nothing is as disgusting as a boy wanting to become a girl. This is when the victim asked the taxi driver how being defined as any of those terms affect him.


The question ignited a heated argument. When they started getting close to Soi Charoen Rat 7 the victim told the taxi to park in front of a busy restaurant. Instead of doing so, the taxi drove 1 kilometer away and parked in a quiet area. The victim decided not to leave the car and asked to be delivered at a police station.


The driver went to get a metal pole out from the trunk of the car. He tried to hit the head of one girl when the other tried to stop him. None of the cars passing helped stop the taxi driver, but finally, a motorbike driver came and helped the girls. The taxi driver drove away.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The couple went to file a report with the police. They couldn’t remember the exact letters on the license as it was dark, but it was a pink taxi no.7853. The police sent them to the hospital to make sure that they are safe. The girl was bleeding from her arms and head while her girlfriend had bruises on her body and her mouth was bleeding.


The police are searching through the security footage in the area including the tollway footage. They have also sent the license information to the Department of Land Transportation. One of the girls states that she will not forgive the driver. On this day there should be no one who needs to discriminate against people that are different. Everyone should respect each other’s rights.


FB Caption: The taxi driver made an extremely offensive commented that started a heated argument.


Source: Sanook, Channel 3 News, Amarin News