Drug addict held for robbing a tourist

A DRUG-ADDICTED Thai man who stole a some cash and valuables from an Irish tourist as he slept in his hotel room at Jomtien beach in Pattaya was arrested and the stolen mobile phone recovered,  Sanook.com reported this morning (September 19, 2018).

Mr Mr.William Joseph, 70, had on Friday September 14 told police that when he woke up in his hotel room that morning he found that it had been ransacked, with many valuables stolen, including an iPad, a Samsung mobile phone and almost 100,000 baht in cash.

Local and Tourist police detectives investigated and checked CCTV clips which led them to the suspect, Mr Yothin, 36, from Bangkok, whom they arrested for robbery and taking type 1 drug (methamphetamine).

Police said the suspect had rented a room in the same hotel as the victim, and in the middle of the night went around trying to open doors to various other rooms.

As the victim had forgotten to lock his door, the suspect went in and took a lot of his cash and belongings.

A background check shows that the suspect had been arrested for stealing a motorcycle in 2009 and taking type 1 drug (methamphetamine) in 2012.

After being released from jail he resumed his criminal activities and had sold the stolen goods for cash, which he used to gamble and buying drugs.


Top: The suspect and the victim at Pattaya police station. Photo: Sanook.com