Fake blind beggar caught counting money.

A fake blind beggar was caught counting money in public. The story was first shared online by a Facebook user who helped the man. It was then confirmed by a food vendor in the area. The man gave the blind beggar 2 boxes of food but found out the beggar threw away the food and was counting money like a normal person. A food vendor in the area stated the beggar is not blind but pretends to be so more people feel sorry for him. She often feels bad seeing his actions. Khaosod Online News Team went to the area near a mall in Sukhumvit 21, Bangkok on 17 August 2023. 



The team tried to find the blind man and spotted him walking in the middle of the walkway. The man jumped on a Win motorbike to the MRT station and the team followed him but the man was gone when they arrived. Rungpetch Janjang a Win motorbike, stated that he does not know if the man is actually blind. He knows that blind people should have a specific ID card and advises people to ask for his card. Rungpetch also mentions that he wished related authorities would help organize the homeless and beggars. He knows people give from the heart but it would be a shame if the money was used in the wrong way. The Win motorbike driver reveals that there are a lot of fake beggars in the area. 



Usually, blind people will have another person to help lead them but the man in this story walks on his own. Namtan, a food vendor, stated that she has been selling food in the area for 6 months and she notices the man almost every day. He crosses a bridge to the mall alone in the morning. She is not sure if he is really blind because the glasses are always on. The way he walks depends on how many people are on the street. When there are fewer people he walks like normal people but when it is busy he sometimes stumbles onto the street and people have to help him. One time a customer purchased food from her and gave it to the man but he threw it away.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The man throws away food given to him by kind civilians. 


Source: Khaosod