Good taxi driver returns over 300K to tourist.

A good taxi driver returned over 300,000 THB back to a tourist from Bangladesh. Pornsak Phuni the taxi driver called into the FM91 radio station after he found money inside his taxi. Pornsak spotted a long black wallet with many cards and a picture inside. A credit card had the name Jarihun Munshi. Inside the wallet were 105 bills of 100 USD, with a total of 10,500 USD or about 373,490 THB. There were also Indian rupee bills, 4 bills of 100 rupees, 13 bills of 500 rupees, 3 bills of 50 rupees totaling 7,050 rupees or about 3,011 THB. 



When he found the money Pornsak originally believed that this money belonged to 3 men that were in his taxi. They traveled from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Little India in Bangko at 13.00 on 19 August 2023. Pornsak stated after the men were dropped off, new passengers entered right away. The new passengers handed him the wallet after they found it in the back seat. So the driver automatically thought it belonged to the 3 men. He opened the wallet and started shaking because there was so much cash inside. 



Pornsak didn’t go through the whole wallet as it felt wrong. He called the radio station right away as it was the right thing to do. The driver called FM91 because as soon as he saw the wallet he wanted to return it to the rightful owner. He didn’t even consider keeping it for himself because there was so much cash and the real owner must be very worried. Pornsak stated “I have been driving a taxi for over 10 years. I’ve always listened to the station. I came to Bangkok to find money for my child back in Kalasin Province. This is not the first time a passenger left something behind, but I have always returned everything I find. I never think of keeping these items for myself”. 


Credit: Khaiosod


FB Caption: The wallet had 105 bills inside, they were all 100 USD. 


Source: Khaosod