Foam factory explosion leads to evacuation orders.

The explosion took place on 5 July 2021 at 3.10 am at a foam factory in Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province. The explosion could be felt through a wide area kilometers away. Nearby buildings and homes were damaged from the impact with broken windows, doors, and more. Fire fighters, the local rescue team, and related officials rushed in to help injured persons. The flames continue to burn, and the injured numbers continues to rise. Teams continue to fight the fire and so far, the estimated damage is at least 700 million THB. There has been 1 death from the explosion with 62 injured persons and counting.


Credit: Sanook


The factory produces foam and plastic packaging located on the outskirts of Bangkok. The explosion was so strong, the sound and effects were felt by locals far away. A tank containing styrene monomer is burning while officials try their best to control the burn. Thick black smoke can be seen coming from the factory. Helicopters are dumping fire retardant to help control the flames. Styrene monomer is a hazardous chemical in liquid form. It is used to make foam, the factory makes foam plates, packaging, and more. The fumes are toxic and extremely dangerous when inhaled.



As a result, there is now evacuation orders in place for residents within 10 kilometers of the factory. This includes medical personal and patients in hospitals within the evacuation area. Residents must take their health as the main importance considering the toxic smoke and the risk of more explosions. Styrene gas is released when burned. It is a neurotoxin, when inhaled within minutes can immobilize you. Thalernsak Petchsuwan from the Pollution Control Department stated breathing the fumes in can get dizzy and even vomit, there is a risk for cancer in the long run. Those who need to evacuate should do so immediately with their necessities, important paperwork, and pets.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Residents in the area must evacuate, the main concern is their health.


Source: Sanook, Washinton Post