Gen. Prawit: Hotheaded groups looking to trigger turmoil this month

DEPUTY Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan underscored today (Oct. 3) that this government is not thinking about collecting water tax from farmers while also confirming that some groups are looking to trigger turmoil this month but they are not politically linked,  INN News reported.

Gen. Prawit, who is also defense minister, confirmed that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and this government do not plan to collect water tax from farmers with the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment having come out to clearly confirm that there is no article in the draft Water Resources Act about this tax.

He added that the collecting of water tax is only the viewpoint of the National Legislative Assembly but this government confirms it will not be collecting such a tax.

Gen. Prawit also mentioned that some groups of troublemakers are getting ready to kick off turmoil both inside and outside Thailand this month. These are hotheaded groups who are not politically linked and communicate via Facebook and radio.

Discussions Laos about these hotheaded groups have made some progress with Laos having reduced their movements, he said, but admitted that Cambodia has not been able to block them.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Prayut has contacted Gen. Prawit and told him that he held talks with US President Trump for over 40 minutes and the atmosphere was good with US honoring and welcoming the Thai Prime Minister well.

Discussions between the US and Thai leaders touched on all dimensions with focus on bilateral and regional cooperation especially security but Gen. Prawit said he could not reveal the details.

However  Prime Minister Prayut confirmed he had not placed orders for weapons even though US opened an opportunity for Thailand to do so.


Top: Deputy Prime Minister Prawit talking to the press today. Photo: INN News