Gen Prayut throws down the gauntlet

PRIME Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha defied anyone else who can solve problems to apply for the job at the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) which was deliberating the 3-trillion-baht national budget for 2019 fiscal year, reported this morning (June 8, 2018).

In his address to the legislators Gen  Prayut said: “I want to give everything that has been requested, be it 8 trillion or 10 trillion baht, but can we find the money to service the debt? What would the next government say, I really don’t know.

“But today I am trying every way to not be an obstruction, because everything belongs to the public, and if anyone says he or she can solve the problems, come forth and apply to form the government in the future, I will choose you.”

The NLA smoothly approved the 3-trillion baht budget in the first reading with 197 voting in its support while 3 abstained.  A special 50-member panel, with 10 representatives each from the government and the NLA, has been set up to scrutinize it in the coming weeks.


Top: Prime Minister Prayut gives a wai after addressing the National Legislative Assembly. Photo: