Media told: Handle bomb report carefully

PRIME Minister Prayut Chan-ocha on Tuesday pleaded with the media to exercise caution in their reporting of an intelligence report about a plot by alleged southern militants to carry out bomb attacks in Bangkok and peripherals during October 25-30 in order not to cause public panic, according to Thai PBS.

He suggested the media to report just enough for the public to acknowledge the security threat and not to sensationalize the report which, he said, may cause extensive negative consequences.

Pol Gen Srivara Rangsipromnakul, the deputy national police, broke the intelligence report about the plot by alleged southern militants on Monday, saying police have been put on the alert to look out for the suspects.

The prime minister said he had no idea whether the militants as claimed by the intelligence report were the same as the group who staged a string of bomb and arson attacks in seven southern provinces during August 11-12.

He said police investigators had been doing their job and the media should not jump the gun in their reporting.


TOP: There is an alleged plot by southern militants to carry out bomb attacks in Bangkok soon. Photo: Thai Residents photographers


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