A home named ‘tuk-tuk’

A 62-year-old man and his 10-year-old son have been sleeping in their 3-wheel motor tricycle, known locally as ‘tuk-tuk,’ for the past 4 months after he ran out of money to pay for a rented room, the Thai-language Daily News reported today (Jan. 10).

A reporter met Mr Roongrote Tipparat and his son Kampanart as they rolled out a mosquito net and got ready to go to bed last night. “It’s not comfortable, but at least we don’t get bitten by mosquitoes.”

“The petrol station owner is kind enough to let me and my son use the toilets,” he said.

His wife left him when his son was only 3 years old. “I have not heard from her since then,” he told the paper.


Top: Roongrote and his son Kampanart getting ready to sleep in their tuk-tuk. Photo: Daily News

By Songpol Kaopatumtip