Jealous man stabs girlfriend 6 times, killing her

IN a deadly fit of jealously a young man used an ice breaking rod to stab is girlfriend to death, stabbed 2 of her women friends and punched his girlfriend’s new boyfriend till he lost consciousness, Thai News Agency reported today (April 2).

Pol Col Thankorn Wongsiriluck, head of Hua Hin police station, rushed to a preserved products shop at this seaside town and arrested Mr Suparuek Phuang-ngern, 35, the owner of an ice shop, at the scene of the crime.

The suspect admitted he used a metal ice breaking rod to stab the preserved products shop owner, Miss Warinthorn Yaemchuen, 41, in the chest, and Miss Natsara Chue-charn, 27, his girlfriend with whom he had only lived together 6 months, at 6 points in the front of her body which led to her later dying in the hospital.

His girlfriend’s woman friend, Vareeya Nuamphram, was stabbed at one point in her body, and her new boyfriend was badly punched up and is now in the hospital.

Dead four

Mr Suparuek told police that this is a crime of passion because he brought a bottle of alcohol to give his friend on her birthday, but when he got to the preserved products shop, he saw the unidentified man there so jumped to the conclusion that he was his girlfriend’s new boyfriend, and punched him up after he invited him to join in.

When he returned home his girlfriend was not there, so he picked up the rod, and returned to the preserved products shop, stabbed, the owner in the chest, and when his girlfriend showed up on a motorcycle, chased her and stabbed her 6 times, and accidentally stabbed the other woman who came with her once too.


Top: The scene of the killing and stabbings at the preserved products shop. Photo: Thai News Agency

In-text: The suspect, hidden, being questioned by police. Photo: Thai News Agency