Light quake in Yunnan but Thailand not affected

A LIGHT earthquake rocked China’s Yunnan province this afternoon around 658 kilometers from Thailand’s  Chiang Rai province but there is no initial report of any damage within Thailand, INN News said today (July 2).

The earthquake occurred at 1.34 pm and was of 4.9 magnitude and 10 kilometers deep and was 658 kilometers away from Chiang Rai’s Rim Khong subdistrict in Chiang Khong district, the Thai Meteorological Department’s Seismological Bureau said.

According to Wikipedia on August 3, 2014 Yunnan was hit by 6.1 earthquake which killed at least 617 people and injured some 2,400 others with 12,000 houses having collapsed and 30,000 damaged.

The Thai weathermen also said that there will be rainfall covering 60% of the area of Bangkok and surrounding provinces from 5 pm today till 5 pm tomorrow.

Upper Thailand too will continue to have downpours over the next 24 hours with heavy falls in some areas of the Northern region and people in these areas are urged to be careful.

There will be less rain in the South right now and waves in the Andaman sea will be 1-2 meters high. Fishermen in upper Andaman Sea area are urged to set sail carefully.

Earthquake graphic: INN News



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