Electrical fire burns down 9 homes.

An electrical fire spread so rapidly that it burned 9 homes. The incident took place in Lopburi Province when the fire broke out and reached out quickly to neighboring homes. Police Captain Rattanatrai Pongthong from the Kok Samrong Police Station received notification of a fire. Related officials were notified including the local firefighter stations. 9 firetrucks and the local rescue team went to the area right away. Officials arrived at a house where there was a fire. It is a 2-story home; the fire was burning high at the time. The home is an old wood home and there were constant winds. 



Officials managed to control the fire after some time but it was already too late. Because they are wood homes and at the time there were heavy winds, the fire spread quickly. Villagers in the incident revealed that the fire started at home no.175 owned by a man named Laong. Neighbors noticed sparks and fire coming from the home. They all gathered to help but the fire moved so fast that it quickly reached the neighbor. They started running out of their homes. The main goal was to move all persons out including elderly and child villagers. All of the villagers could not bring out any valuable possessions. 



Sitra Phuiam the village chief traveled to the area immediately and reported the incident to Ampol Angpakornkul the governor. Luckily, no one was injured in the large fire. Investigation police must continue their investigation before they can confirm the true cause of the fire, but it is estimated that it is an electrical fire. Officials will also evaluate the damages based on the evidence remaining in the homes. Officials and the villagers in the area have gathered food, drinks, and clothes for the affected victims. The accommodation has also been prepared to help support the victims. 



FB Caption: 9 homes completely burned down in the large fire. 


Source: Khaosod