Nigerian and Irishman captured hiding in Thailand.

A Nigerian and an Irishman was arrested in Thailand by the Immigration Police.

Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang and other policemen from the Immigration Police reported the arrest of a Nigerian man who is an international criminal under fraudulent charges related to Transnational Crime. The police also captured an Irishman who is wanted by 6 arrest warrants.


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


The first case involves a Nigerian man named Bertrand wanted under a Criminal case since 2015 under fraudulent charges including using the identity of another person, committing transactional crimes with other suspects and other charges. Two other suspects related to the case have been arrested named Bright and Omnyekachukwu.


Bertrand had been secretly hiding as a student at a famous university in Thailand. He had submitted applications asking for an extension of stay in Thailand by using his studies as the reasoning. The police then planned for him to come in and submit further documents related to his excuse. When they checked his passport, it showed he’d changed to a new passport in hopes to cover his tracks.


The police then checked his profile in the Biometrics system and discovered that he was the man they were looking for. They arrested him and sent him in waiting for prosecution. Bertrand is a member of an international criminal gang. He basically sends fake emails claiming to be big corporations to random customers asking for payment. He then sends the funds to a network gang that specializes in money laundering.


Jonathan from Ireland had committed a major case in Ireland and has 6 arrest warrants tied to him. He traveled to Thailand and tried to hide. The police revoked his right to stay in Thailand, but Jonathan decided to continue his stay. Jonathan’s cases in Ireland include aggravated assault, robbery, and more.



Jonathan had tried to hide his address in Thailand by giving the officials a fake address and a fake phone number. He never stays at the same location for too long and travels all over Thailand thinking that he could outsmart the police. The police received information that he was hiding at his Thai girlfriend’s address. They traveled to the location and arrested him on the spot. Jonathan will be sent back to Ireland for prosecution.


FB Caption: . He never stays at the same location for too long and travels all over Thailand thinking that he could outsmart the police.


Source: INN News