Disabled father abandoned by daughter who claims he is too much to handle.

A disabled father was abandoned by his daughter as she left him sitting on a wheelchair outside of her home. The daughter later revealed to the media that she cannot handle him anymore. The daughter will not apologize and states that others who are not in her position will not understand her decision. The Rayong City Police and the local recue team received notification to help Komjit 63 years old. The man is disabled and and was left on the road in front of his daughter’s home for hours.



A daughter and son have been taking care of their father for about a year. The daughter claims the main cause of their problem is because her father will not exercise to get better. She also hit him and then moved him to the road with his wheelchair and clothes. Related officials visited the home on 6 June 2022 to help find a solution for the family. They met Kesirin 41 years old the owner of the home. Kesirin admitted she really abandoned her father and let him sit outside. The father suffers from paralysis but is still able to help himself on a daily basis. He moved in with her about 1 year ago. She has tried to help him with daily exercises to get better but he will not follow. Afterward, this has led to other personal problems between the two. 



Kesirin decided one day to let her father sit in front of the home after an incident. In the incident, her father asked his new girlfriend to send some items through the post. But instead of delivering it to the home, he gave another relative’s address that was located 40 kilometers away. The relatives had to drive and bring the box to them. Adding to other problems including how he will not move even though he is still able to walk. Kesirin revealed the father has never taken care of her or the brother, they had to survive on their own. Kesirin left school and worked as a gas station employee to pay for the brother’s education. She brought him in as other relatives do not want him. The daughter stated no one would understand unless they were in her shoes. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption:  Kesirin revealed the father has never taken care of her or the brother, they had to survive on their own but now she has to take care of him. 


Source: Khaosod