Man wearing “Police” vest caught pickpocketing in market.

A man wearing a vest that say’s “Police” was caught on camera pickpocketing at a market. The victim revealed she had filed a report with the police but nothing has been done. She also shared the video recorded online showing the man placing his hand inside her purse. The incident occurred at a famous night market called “Jod Fair”. There are many similar markets in Thailand and they are always busy. When going to these places make sure to be aware of your belongings at all times. The market is popular in Thailand with both locals and foreigners. The victim went to Twitter and asked for help from netizens to help locate the thief. 



The tweet states “Can someone help me, I went to Jod Fair Market and a pickpocket stole my iPhone 14 pro max. I have pictures in there that are important to me. I also have footage of the man pickpocketing from my purse. The thief is a male with a shaved head. He was wearing a vest that said “Police”. I am not sure if I should share this video, but I gave it to the police already. I don’t know how fast they will investigate my case. He saw my phone while I used it to scan a code to pay. I placed my phone back in my purse and this was when he reached in before pulling it out. The footage shows he chose me as a victim and followed where I would walk past. 



Near the end, he is seen walking past a foreigner to get closer to me”. After the tweet went viral netizens revealed many have lost items in this market. There are pickpocketing groups in the market who work together. Reports were filed but no updates have been made on the cases. One netizen stated, “He dressed like an officer and even looks like one. The victim had to find the evidence herself including the security footage and the phone location. I think nothing comes from filing a report”. While another netizen stated she had been to the market 3 times with friends and every time something has been stolen. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The victim found security footage showing the thief in action but there are no updates from the police on the case

Source: Khaosod