Many evacuated after landslide in Nan

THE big landslide in northern Nan province led to village-wide evacuation. Nearby Ban Sawa Nuea temple is being used as temporary shelter as a 200-meter crack was found on the mountain ground above the village.

The landslide occurred at 6.10 a.m. yesterday (July 28, 2018) in Bo Kluea district, causing a roadblock in an area identified as coordinate QB 301041.

Officers arriving there found that the landslide was as high as 10 meters over the traffic route between Ban Harng Tarng Luang and Ban Na Khok in Bo Kluea districts, rendering it unusable.

Officers were also notified of an incident in Ban Huay Kham in Bo Kluea Nuea subdistrct where heavy rain had loosen the soil and caused it to slide from the mountain onto 4 houses in this village

The 4 houses are:

  • 29 Moo7, Bo Kluea Nuea subdistrict, with 3 residents all still missing.
  • 67 Moo7, Bo Kluea Nuea subdistrict, with 3 residents all still missing.
  • 30 Moo7, Bo Kluea Nuea subdistrict, with one of the two residents dead.
  • 5 Moo7, Bo Kluea Nuea subdistrict, with both 2 residents uninjured.

Around noon yesterday the search and rescue team consisting of local DDPM (Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation) officials and soldiers from the 32nd Ranger Regiment Pah Muang task force arrived as a combined incident responder and so far have found the following identified bodies.

  1. Mr Tui Akkhara, 64;
  2.  Mrs Kapkaew Akkhara, 57;
  3. Mr Thanakorn Akkhara, 33;
  4. Ms Kamolrat Akkhara, 34;
  5. Charinrat Akkhara, 20;
  6.  Ka Akkhara, 64;
  7. Ms Natthicha Akkhara, 22;  and
  8. Natthida Akkhara, 3.

Rescuers also found one additional injured victim yet to be identified.

The chief of Bo Klue district Mr Preecha Somchai had ordered the evacuation of residents of 33 households in Ban Huay Kham village, Dong Phaya subdistrict, Bo Kluea district, which is in risk of additional landslide, to take shelter 5 kilometers away at Ban Sawa Nuea temple in Dong Phaya subdistrict of the same district for safety.

He was concerned about the 200 meters long crack found in the earth of the mountain above the village which additional downpour may cause another landslide and so ordered a 24-hour watch.

Yesterday evening, Mr Preecha ordered the officers to go on a search operation and planned for further rehabilitation of the area.

The only accessible route to Bo Kluea district now is the Bua-Doi Phuka route.


Top: Houses destroyed by yesterday’s landslide. Photo: Matichon

Below: The big landslide going way up above the village in Nan. Photo: Matichon

Source:, and Internet

By Piboon Awasdaruharote