Tourist accidentally pays 250K THB for his food bill.

A restaurant manager in Krabi tracked down a British tourist who accidentally overpaid 250,000 THB on his food bill after dining in the local restaurant. Police Lieutenant Colonel Attarot Sanjaiwut from the Krabi police along with the tourist police and the Krabi Immigration police worked together in tracking down the British Tourist.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The British tourist went dining at Phan Jeab Parade restaurant located on the Nopparat Thara Beach. The Manager named Apaporn 32 years old worked together with the officials to find the tourist who was the owner of the credit card used to pay the bill. The bill of the 4 tourists came out to 2,857 THB, but the restaurant used credit card machine where the customer was the one who keys in how much the payment is, instead of 2,857 THB, the tourist keyed in 257,857.12 THB.


The incident took place on the 9th of this month at night time. The credit card owner was Simon 48 years old who held British Citizenship. Simon and approximately 10 friends went to the Phan Jeab Parade restaurant for some food. When the bill arrived, Simon accidentally pressed the wrong number into the credit card machine and then pressed enter.


Simon left the restaurant without realizing what he had just done to his credit card bill. When the restaurant was closing its doors, the manager Apaporn proceeded to check the daily income from the restaurant and discovered that there was over 250k of unknown income that went into the restaurant account.




As soon as she realized where the money came from, Apaporn contacted her boyfriend who was from India, her boyfriend remembers seeing the tourist group so he grabbed his motorcycle to go look for them, but it was too late and they were nowhere to be found.


Apaporn decided to go report the incident to the police. The police helped track down the credit card number and discovered that the card was used to pay for a hotel in the Ao Nang area. They decided to go look for Simon at the hotel but he wasn’t there as he and his friends had already left for the beach. Apaporn and the police left a message with the hotel, finally Simon contacted back on the 11th of this month.



Simon went to the restaurant and received 250k of his money in cash from the restaurant. Simon thanked the restaurant manager, the boyfriend, and all the police involved for finding him and returning his money to him safely, even if it was his fault in keying the wrong number. Simon promises to return to Krabi for another vacation in the future.


FB Caption: Simon accidentally paid 257,857.12 THB instead of the original bill coming in at 2,857 THB. The restaurant manager and the police tracked him down to return the money in cash.


Source: Sanook