Factory shutdown on 1,300 employees.

A clothing factory has closed down on 1,300 employees with no warning. The employees are shocked and are now all unemployed. The employees gathered in front of the Brilliant Alliance Global Factory in Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province on 11 March 2021. Most of the employees worked in the production sector and wore their uniforms ready for work. They never expected the factory would ever close so suddenly and leave them with no job or any measures to help them survive. The company has announced on the same day that they will be shutting down with no current plans to reopen for operation.


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The company claims that the business has been going down since 2019. The Covid-19 situation has made things worse by directly affecting the company. Customers have canceled plans to order products and exports have decreased substantially. The business states it is impossible to continue in the current situations.  A factory representative revealed that the business did not warn employees of the closure. He only recently learned that the factory would be closing on the 10th. Many employees did not know until they arrived for work in the morning. The employees understand the reasoning behind the shutdown as the economy is going downhill at the moment, but the issue is they had no idea this was happening.


Credit: Khaosod


The employees have gathered to seek help from the Ministry of Labor. There is a group of representatives who will be negotiating with those in charge at the factory. The employees hope there is a solution that works for all parties involved. The Department of Employment has set up a location where employees from the recently closed factory can come seek for new jobs that fits their abilities. Those affected will be filing complaints against the factory with officials. 15 representatives plan to join in a meeting with officials to find a possible solution for the 1,500 now unemployed persons.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The factory representative didn’t know they would be closing down until the day before.


Source: Khaosod