Illegal Bar Host shut down in Pattaya.

Police shut down an illegal bar host in Pattaya. Inside the bar host was underage customers and drugs. 5 employees tested positive for drugs and white powder inside a small ziplock bag was found inside the bar. Police Colonel Tanapong Poti from the Pattaya Police Station along with officials from the Administrative Authority, Banglamung District, and related officials inspected entertainment businesses in Pattaya. These businesses have been reported to allow underage customers to use their services. There have also been reports of drug use inside the business. The inspection was done on 23 September 2023 according to the report.



The Bar Host, “Cat Walk” is located inside Soi 29, Pattaya City, Chonburi Province. Officials presented themselves before searching inside the bar. There were about 50 people inside, both customers and employees. Bar hosts are different from normal bars in Thailand. The name Bar Host means that this is a business where those interested in Men can go use their services. These services normally include social services such as the “hosts” taking care of the customers. The main income is usually from buying drinks for the hosts. The drinks are set at a higher price than usual and as long as you keep buying drinks, the host will continue to sit at your table.



Officials turned the lights on and ordered to stop all music. When police went inside the persons both customers and employees were all dancing along to the music. Police asked for their ID cards and asked for consent to drug tests. 5 persons tested positive for drug use, all employees of the Bar Host. Police also found a small zip lock bag on the floor filled with white powder. This has been seized as evidence in the case. Inspection confirms that the Bar Host is not registered and there is no license for alcohol distribution. The owner of the store has been arrested and taken to the police station now waiting for prosecution.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Out of 50 persons, 5 tested positive for drugs and are all employees.

Credit : Khaosod