Neighbor violence, 3 shots fired.

A woman and her family are living in fear after the mother was shot 3 times by the neighbor. The reason was simply because the neighbor was annoyed with the motorcycle engine sound. A Tiktok user named “Palployyyy” shared the story online after her mom was shot. The neighbor never apologized and further commented that he expected her mother would’ve died already. Ploy, the daughter of the woman stated in her video that the male neighbor shot her mother 3 times in the arm and leg. She was delivered to the hospital and had to receive surgery immediately. 



The neighbor shot the mother simply because he was annoyed with the motorcycle sound. He later told police the gun was for self-protection. Every member of the family is very stressed. They don’t understand why he would shoot someone 3 times for such a small reason. The neighbor shows regret and has not apologized. He also asked the family “Do you want another shot?”. While the man’s wife asked the victim’s family “I thought she would’ve died, as I saw you called the emergency team”. Ploy cannot take what they said and live in fear. 



The man left the police station after one day. Ploy feels justice is not being served and wants to press charges. She does not know the law and fears her story will just fade away. Her worst fear is her mother not getting justice and will have suffered for nothing. Netizens expressed their concern for the family. Seeing how the neighbors acted and their comments, netizens have great concern for the family’s safety. They also advised the family to contact famous Facebook pages in Thailand to get some help. They also believe there may be more reasoning behind the crime, as motorcycle sounds are not usually that annoying. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The wife stated, “I thought she would’ve died already”.