Mule account owner arrested after on the run for 3 years.

A mule account owner has been arrested after she has been on the run for 3 years. Her bank account was used in a romance scam with damages over 2 million THB. Police Lieutenant General Thiti Sangsawang and related officials arrested Bangorn Bupalo 41 years from Khon Kaen Province with an arrest warrant issued by the criminal court. The suspect is facing charges of taking on a different identity and computer fraud. She was arrested in Ratchaburi Province on 14 July 2023. 



The victim who is a foreigner was contacted by the scammer through Line using the name “rolebrown” in 2020. They talked and a relationship formed. Rolebrown then promised to come to Thailand. A situation arose when Rolebrown claimed she couldn’t leave the airport as she was stuck at the immigration check due to carrying too much cash. Rolebrown needed money to get out of the situation with Thai officials. The victim transferred money to many accounts amounting to over 2 million THB. Rolebrown knew no one in the country and the victim was the only person that can help. 



The foreign victim realized this was all a scam soon afterward, but it was already too late. He went in to file a report with the police. The suspect has been arrested and is now at the Nang Loeng Police Station in Bangkok. Bangorn states she opened the account and handed it to another woman. She claims to not have the real name of this woman. The suspect believed the woman, who was a distant relative, would be using her account for online business. The suspect believes the woman’s boyfriend may be connected to the romance scam as he is a foreigner and can speak English. The woman never contacted the suspect again. She received notification from the police and has been hiding for 3 years. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The suspect claims she has no knowledge that her bank account was used in a romance scam. 


Source: Khaosod