Never too old to learn

AMNUAYSIN  Suwannarat is all smiles when the young male teacher praises her for answering the right question in front of other students in a small public school in the northeastern Thai province of Khon Kaen.

The classroom atmosphere is jovial, but all the students are elderly locals who have decided to “go back to school” after their children got married.

The one-year program was set up by local education officials who believe that you are never too old to learn. The students, who must be 55 or older, go to school two days a week and are in class three hours a day.

Just like other young students, the senior learners must line up and sing the national anthem before starting class. After a year in school, the elderly students will get a certificate.


Top: The eager elderly students at their special school. Photo: Thai Rath

By Songpol Kaopatumtip