Nigerian held for running online romance scam

A NIGERIAN man was arrested in northern Lampang province on the charges of running a romance scam to snare Thai women and then getting them to transfer money into his bank account, Thai News Agency reported today (April 22).

Mr. Emery Henry, 32, the Nigerian suspect, was arrested by Tourist Police, who were armed with an arrest warrant from a Lampang court, on the charges of tricking Thai women on Facebook.

Also seized from him was over 40,000 baht in cash, 4 bank passbooks and 5 ATM cards.

Questioning revealed that the suspect’s ploy was to set up fake Facebook accounts, using assumed names and images of good looking Caucasian men, to fool Thai women into believing he was an American millionaire.

After getting close to the victim, he would either scam them by saying he has sent an expensive gift but some money has to be transferred to clear taxes, or that he has come to Thailand to meet them, but is stuck in immigration, and for them to transfer lots of money to help get him released.

Once he got the money he would close the Facebook account and move on.


Top: A close-up image of the suspect’s passport, and below, the suspect sitting at the police station. Photos: Thai News Agency

Nigerian held