THAI blames lack of communication for pilot problem

TOP executives of Thai Airways International (THAI) said  failure by their pilots and the Zurich station chief to communicate with each other is what led to a flight from Zurich to Bangkok being delayed for over 2 hours until 2 of 4 deadheading pilots got first class seats, reported today (October 23, 2018).

Sumet Damrongchaitham, the airline’s president, said both sides had carried out their duties according to their manual but did not talk to each other, and there is also a loophole that had to be plugged, with  these issues having led to TG 971 flight being delayed until a couple agreed to move and gave their seats to 2 deadheading pilots.

Meanwhile Mr Ekniti Nitithanprapas, chairman of THAI board of directors, said this issue must not be wasted and be used to resolve various problems within the company.

He added that passengers come first under the rules of safety and customer satisfaction.

THAI is getting ready to compensate all 300 passengers of TG 971 flight and this could be in the form of giving them air miles, or special service on the next flight, or the passengers could choose other privileges of the same level.

The airline had already earlier compensated the couple who gave up their seats to the 2 deadheading pilots.

Mr Sumet added that restructuring of the company as has been suggested has to be done under the airline’s rehabilitation plan. This plan has to be submitted to Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak in 1 month’s time and the problem that arose has made doing so more difficult.


Top: A THAI jetliner parked at the airport. Photo: