No record of Premchai leaving the country

POLICE said today (Feb. 9) that they have not found any record within the Immigration Bureau system to confirm whether Italian-Thai Development president Premchai Karnasuta has fled abroad as has been reported, INN News said.

With news spreading that Premchai, who was arrested on Sunday together with his party for hunting wild animals in a wildlife sanctuary, has fled abroad after being released on bail,  INN News reporters contacted the Immigration Bureau but officials there said Premchai’s name does not appear on the list of those who have left the country according to the correct procedures.

These reports point out that Premchai has invested in many projects within Myanmar’s Dawei Special Economic Zone (SEZ) megascheme and that he has good relations with investors and officials in Dawei.

Italian-Thai Development (ITD) is one of the lead firms in a consortium of private developers that signed a concession agreement  with the Myanmar government in 2015 for the development of Dawei SEZ.


Top: Italian-Thai Development president Premchai. Photo: INN News