Over 100 goats die in fire, Lopburi Province.

Over 100 goats died in a fire that took place in Lopburi Province. The goats screamed in agony as they were burned alive but the owner states the fire spread so fast that nothing could be done to help the goats. Damages currently stand at over 500,000 THB. Officials received notification of a fire at 2 am on 11 March 2023. Samrong Songkroh Rescue Team, firefighters, and related officials went to the goat farm. They arrived at a home address with a goat farm inside the land. The area where the goats lived was up in flames at home no.789. Officials could hear the goats screaming and trying to escape. 



It was too late for most of the goats and a few survived the fire. Firefighters managed to control the flames after 30 minutes. The remains of the goats lay on the burnt ground, there was hardly anything left of the goats but black burns. Ongaj Sornchen 50 years old, the Goat farm owner, stated he had 110 goats. At about 22.00 he came to set up a campfire to help chase away the mosquitoes for the goats. Then he put out the fire and went to lie down near some buffalos located about 3 kilometers away. His grandchild called and stated there was a fire where the goats were. 



Inside the goat barn is dry grass and straw, which caused the fire to spread rapidly. The whole barn was burned before Ongaj could do anything and before officials arrived. Because there was fire, Ongah could not run to open the gates as it was too dangerous. The owner counted his goats and out of 110 goats, 8 remain alive. He believes there can be 2 possible causes, an electrical fire or he didn’t put out the campfire properly and it started the more extensive fire. The damages are estimated at 450,000 – 550,000 THB.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Ongaj counted the goats and only 8 remain out of 110. 


Source: Khaosod