Free plane ticket scam via text message.

The scam gang responsible for a free plane ticking text scam has been arrested. The text claims to be from a famous economy airline in Thailand named Lion Air. Inside is an attached link to claim the free airplane ticket. Victims who are excited to hear the good news will press the link without thinking twice. Damages currently stand at 1.2 Million THB. The Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau arrested 4 suspects on 10 March 2023. The suspects are facing charges related to an online scam. The messages are sent to random numbers claiming they have won a free plane ticket that is only one click away. 



The text states “Lion Air thanks you for being a loyal customer. We would like to give you 1 free plane ticket” and the following is a link to press. The scam group would follow up by calling the victims to confirm that the free plane ticket is real. This would be a ticket from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. The scammer will then ask victims to add a line account named LionAir Group. The line name would further create an image that the victims are talking to an official Lion Air representative. The link takes you to a page asking for personal information. The information is used to gain direct access to the victim’s phone. The scammer then transfers money from the victim’s bank application to another account. These accounts are ghost accounts meaning they do not belong to a scammer and are often purchased from the real owner.



One victim received a message on 14 January 2023. Not long after pressing the link and typing in his personal information several notifications came in from different bank applications on the phone. Money was transferred out of his bank account 6 times, totaling 1,251,442 THB. Officials investigated and discovered that the money was transferred to other accounts right after it went into the ghost account. 6 suspects have been arrested including Vipa 48 years old, Thanawat 19 years old, Wutipong 28 years old, and Sowin 26 years old. A company was also searched connected to the scam where the remaining 2 suspects are located. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Within a short period of time 1,251,442 THB was transferred out of the victim’s accounts. 


Source: Khaosod