Passenger forgot 14 kilos of marijuana on taxi.

A taxi driver came to the Rattanathibet Police Station with a large bag of marijuana that a passenger forgot in his car. The taxi driver was extremely shocked when he opened the bag and discovered large bricks of dried marijuana in the bag, so he decided to bring the bag to the police to avoid any possible legal issues in the future.




The taxi driver came to file a report on the 14th of this month with Police Captain Chitipong Changpradit at the Rattanathibet Police Station in Nonthaburi province. The taxi driver handed the bag to the police and stated that a male passenger estimated to be about 30 to 40 years old forgot the bag in his taxi. He decided to open the bag and discovered that it was full of marijuana bricks covered in gold paper and clear tape.




There were a total of 14 bricks of dried marijuana inside the bag weighing 1 kilogram each coming to a total of 14 kilograms of marijuana. The investigation police are looking if there are any fingerprints left on the tape that might help point out who the suspect is.




The taxi picked up the passenger at around 8 pm from the bridge in front of Big C Rama 2. The man was around 165 centimeters tall and seemed to be 35 to 40 years old. He was carrying 2 black bags and 1 suitcase that he placed in the trunk of the taxi. The passenger was delivered in front of the Pantai Norasingh temple in Samut Sakhon province.


When they arrived at the destination, the passenger removed his belongings from the trunk. The taxi driver then came to close the trunk and drove away. The driver never looked inside his trunk until the next day when he was going out to start driving for the day. When the driver was washing his taxi he found a suitcase left inside the trunk.




The driver decided to take the suitcase to the boss at the taxi garage, when the boss saw what was inside he told the driver to take it to the police because it looked like something illegal. The police have confirmed that it is, in fact, marijuana and that they will be investigating the fingerprints and the CCTV around the area where the man was picked up and dropped off at.


FB Caption: A passenger forgot 14 kilograms of marijuana in the trunk of the taxi. The marijuana was packed in large bricks weighing 1 kilogram per brick, there are a total of 14 bricks.


Source: Workpoint News