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SawasdeeShop Co Ltd or DeeMoney, the foremost FinTech firm in Thailand, specializing in cross-border payments under the DeeMoney brand, is excited to announce the launch of the first movie advertisement, titled “OWNDEE Movie” as well as the biggest promotion of the year, “DeeMoney OWNDEE Win Tesla” campaign.


DeeMoney, operational since 2017, has achieved an impressive total transaction volume of USD 4 billion. The company has successfully facilitated over 7 million transactions, ensuring settlements to a vast network of over 1 million bank accounts, catering to the diverse needs of our valued customers.  DeeMoney is strategically positioned as a prominent cross-border gateway in Thailand,facilitating seamless processing of both inbound and outbound international payments.  With an extensive selection of 26 available currencies, DeeMoney offers a diverse range of options for cross-border transactions. Moreover, the outbound services of DeeMoney extend to an impressive network of more than 43 countries, further enhancing its global reach.


Cross-border transactions and remittances play a vital role in bolstering the economic capacity of a nation. In this context, Thailand stands out, ranking among the top 20 countries worldwide in terms of both sending and receiving cross-border payments and remittances, according to data provided by the World Bank.  This positioning and extensive reach enable DeeMoney to serve as a reliable and efficient platform for individuals and businesses seeking international payment solutions, catering to the growing demands of global transactions and facilitating the smooth flow of funds across borders.


With the steadfast vision of becoming the go-to cross-border money transfer app, DeeMoney is embarking on an exciting mission to captivate its users and solidify its position in the industry. Commencing on today and running until November 30th, 2023, the DeeMoney OWNDEE Win Tesla campaign presents an incredible opportunity for app users to win multiple prizes with every transaction over THB 1,000. The prize pool includes an impressive lineup featuring a Tesla Model 3, Honda Wave 110i New 2022, iPhone 14 Pro Max,  AirPods Pro Gen2, and much more, with prizes worth over 3.5 million baht.



Mr. Aswin Phlaphongphanich, Co-Founder and CEO of DeeMoney, shared his vision for the brand, stating, “Our aim is to establish DeeMoney as the unrivaled leader in cross-border money transfers in Thailand, setting new benchmarks for international excellence. To achieve this ambitious goal, we are allocating a large marketing budget on a game-changing marketing campaign that will captivate the public’s attention and firmly establish our brand, products and services in their hearts and minds. We strive to become the trusted provider for international money transfers, fostering trust, and leaving an unforgettable impression on our valued customers.”



Ms. Rasmegh Srisethi, Co-Founder and Managing Director, added, “We are excited to unveil our strategic plans for strengthening the DeeMoney brand and enhancing the visibility of our exceptional money transfer products and services. By effectively reaching and engaging our target customers, clear communication plays a crucial role, which is why at the core of our approach lies our unique ‘OWNDEE’ strategy, which emphasizes better rate, faster and easier money transfers. To achieve this, we are launching an engaging online advertising campaign that will effectively convey these key messages to the wider public. Furthermore, we are introducing a fun customer engagement activity and an impactful promotional campaign. We are confident that these initiatives will help customers become more familiar with us and better understand us, while we effectively reach them.”



Mr. Tanit Ruttjananthana, DeeMoney’s Chief Marketing Officer, spearheads this innovative marketing campaign, which will serve as a fundamental stepping stone for DeeMoney‘s debut, impressing customers and enhancing the customer satisfaction experience. This campaign aims to achieve 20% increase in brand recognition and boost total sales volume by 200%. Noteworthy among the campaign highlights is the release of DeeMoney’s first movie advertisement, titled “OWNDEE Movie EP: Fast Global Money Transfers, Made Easy!” Directed by renowned director Pongsakarn Sonklin, whose impressive resume includes directing well-loved advertisements such as Ngern Tid Lor, Thai Life Insurance, GQ White, Air Asia, and more. This 1.30 minute dramedy sheds light on consumer pain points regarding ordinary international money transfer services and demonstrates how DeeMoney can solve these problems. It emphasizes better rates, faster transfers, and easier transactions, highlighting DeeMoney‘s brand positioning and value.


Last but not least, to celebrate the campaign launch and engage with customers, DeeMoney invites social media enthusiasts and influencers to participate in the “#DeeMoneyOWNDEEChallenge,” a creative and production-of-movie challenge. This initiative aims to create awareness among individuals in Thailand seeking reliable international money transfer and payment services, fostering a vibrant community. Unleash your creativity and confidence by crafting your unique movie style, drawing inspiration from the “OWNDEE Movie.” By participating, you stand a chance to win incredible prizes worth over 150,000 THB. What’s more, seize the opportunity to showcase your exceptional movie on DeeMoney’s social media platforms.



Visit DeeMoney’s Facebook page and for more information about the DeeMoney OWNDEE Win Tesla campaign and the “#DeeMoneyOWNDEEChallenge“. Join us in revolutionizing the way people transfer money across borders. Together, let’s celebrate, build a strong community, and make history with DeeMoney.



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