Police arrested for breaking curfew, with 7,500 masks in the car.

Police Colonel Somparn Mutaporn from Phon Thong Police Station in Roi Et Province along with related officials were working at a Covid-19 checkpoint by the Phon Thong-Kuchinarai road. A gray Honda Civic with a Bangkok license drove past the checkpoint and police called the car over. Inside the car was Police Sergeant Pitak 33 years old and a passenger named Patmaporn. When officials searched the car at 23.40 on 7 April 2020 and found 3 large boxes of medical face masks with the brand Tpro Mask, coming to a total of 7,500 masks.


The vehicle and the medical masks are now in evidence waiting to be used in the prosecution process. Pol.Col. Somparn interrogated Pol.Sgt. Pitak who was now a suspect at the Phon Thong Police Station. The suspect stated that he was moving the medical masks from Mukdahan Province to Phon Thong District in Roi Et Province using a vehicle, the license plate didn’t match the vehicle information and the exhaust pipe had been modified. The 7,500 masks were brought from a seller in Mukdahan while the suspect claims that he planned to give the masks to a relative for a funeral.


Pol.Sgt. Pitak has been charged with breaking the national curfew according to the emergency decree from 22.00-04.00 without exemption and other charges relating to the masks and the license plate registered to the vehicle. Upon inspection, the 7,500 masks are made in Vietnam and the Department of Internal Trade is investigating whether the suspect has permission to distribute such product or whether he holds a license to import such product and the information will be used in the prosecution. The curfew is taken very seriously across Thailand in order to minimize the spread of Coronavirus and police officers are not exempted from the law.


FB Caption: Officials found 7,500 medical masks in the car, these masks were made in Vietnam and the Police Sergeant was driving the car at 23.40 breaking the curfew.


Source: Sanook