Angry man sets home on fire over runaway wife

A 51-year-old Thai man got so angry upon returning home after a 2-week absence to find that his wife has disappeared that he got drunk and set his home ablaze, INN News reported today (Dec. 16).

Mr Prawet, a native of northeastern Khon Kaen province, returned to his house in Mueang district after working in Chaiyaphum province, also in the northeast, for 2 weeks to find it abandoned which led to him getting drunk and setting it on fire.

Neighbors tried to hold him until the police got there, but he managed to slip away and was later found lying on the railway line waiting for a train to run over him.


Police managed to calm him down and then took him to the station for further legal action.

Neighbors told police that this couple quarreled often and were destructive when they were angry and have already destroyed many things in their home.


Top: Prawet has completely gutted his house. Photo: INN News

Inset: Prawet being helped after he tried to kill himself. Photo: INN News