Preparation of Sacred Water for Use in the Coronation of King Rama X

All provinces are preparing to collect waters from different important sources for consecration and use in the upcoming Coronation of King Rama X.

The gathering of waters is scheduled for 6 April 2019. Interior Minister General Anupong Paojinda explained that the collection of water is the earliest process in the preparation of the Royal Coronation Ceremony.

The waters will be collected from 107 important water sources nationwide, including four ponds, namely Sa Kaeo, Sa Ket, Sa Kha, and Sa Yamana in Suphan Buri province, and five main rivers, namely Bang Pakong, Pa Sak, Chao Phraya, Ratchaburi, and Phetchaburi.







On 8 April 2019, provincial governors preside over consecration rites for the collected waters.

On 9 April 2019, wian thian rites are held for the blessing of the collected waters in all provinces.

The collected waters from the important water sources all over the country will be transferred to Bangkok and combined to constitute the sacred water for use in the Royal Purification and Anointment Ceremonies during the Royal Coronation Ceremony. The Interior Minister urged the people to wear yellow shirts and take part in these rites to show their loyalty to His Majesty the King.







Source: The Government Public Relations Department

8 April 2019