Prime Minister establishes 5 guidelines to help take care of the people.

Prayut Chan-o-cha the Prime Minister of Thailand reported through the Television Pool of Thailand the 5 guidelines established to Ministers on 13 August 2020. This report comes after the latest cabinet meeting on the same day. New cabinet ministers, a total of 6 have taken the oath of office in front of His Majesty the King on mother’s day 12 August 2020. These guidelines are designated to help protect and take care of the people. The 1st guideline is to help the people heal from the current Covid-19 situation, especially those in SMEs and those who have become unemployed because of Covid. This also includes those who are still officially employed but have lost a great amount of income due to the virus. 


The 2nd guideline is to help solve problems the nation is currently facing through solutions beneficial in a substantial way. The main reason is that it is not possible to keep on providing aid to help those affected. The world economy has faced a strong current of issues from Covid-19, Thailand has to take the necessary measures towards its own, and the global economy in terms of recovery. The 3rd guideline is to create inspiration for businesses to keep on hiring employees. The PM asks all types of businesses to make changes for more effective operations and to be fitting for better competitions. This will help small and big businesses to make the right changes for survival to fit the current times including in the near future. 


The 4th guideline is to lay down plans for the new generation in terms of employment. Covid-19 has not stopped the importance of education, although it may have affected the learning process but learning institutes, schools, and universities have adapted to the times making education still a part of student’s daily life. The 5th and last guideline is to work transparently and honestly. By listening to all in the society and working together in taking the nation forward through the Covid-19 situation. The PM insists that the selection of the new ministers is based on their education, experience, and ability towards the current situation. The selection was not based on whether they were involved in politics before consideration. 


Credit: INN News


FB Caption:  The PM reported that the selection of the new ministers is based on their education, experience, and ability towards the current situation. 


Source: INN News