Beware of shoeless man at Sanam Pao BTS.

Women using the Skytrain at Sanam Pao BTS station have been followed and harassed by a shoeless man. A Twitter user named Woonwanday posted a video of the man after his friend was followed by the man. The user intends to warn other passengers of the man. 2 female passengers were followed by a man wearing no shoes, they tried to run away from him. The man continued to follow them along with shouting words that made no sense. The woman decided to run onto the BTS station and ask for help from the Skytrain security.


Credit: Sanook


The video captioned “At Sanam Pao BTS Station. Very scary, I was walking on the sidewalk when he started following me. I saw that he was barefoot and saying things that didn’t make sense. I started walking away but I realized he continued to follow me. I decided to walk up to the BTS station and he still followed me to the station. I started running but he chased me and yelled for me to stop. Who would have stopped running? I am about to cry”. The Twitter user revealed 2 of his friends were followed by the same shoeless man. They are both high school students and have never met the man before. The girls walked past him on the sidewalk while he was having a conversation with a building security guard. The girls realized he was following them. At first, they were going to jump on a taxi but then decided to run for help at the BTS instead.


Credit: Sanook


The man continued following them, they were frightened and started running. The man ran after the girls yelling for them to stop. They used their Skytrain cards and entered the station. A Skytrain security guard and maid went to chase the man away. Other Twitter users replied to the tweet revealing similar incidents at Sanam Pao BTS. A user stated, “There are a lot of people like this at this station. I met one at night after leaving a hospital, he was waiting at the BTS entrance. I ran to the station and asked for help. Please be careful”.


FB Caption: Women have been followed by the same shoeless man, most decided to run into the station and asked for help from the security guard.


Source: Sanook