‘Private-hire’ driver held for raping teenager

A MAN who claimed to be a GrabTaxi driver and who tricked his teenage victim into trusting him and then raping her was arrested this morning (Sept. 7, 2018), INN News reported.

Pol Maj-Gen Sompong Chinduang, deputy head of Metropolitan Police Bureau, said Visanu Chanthayoi, 34, was arrested at a petrol pump on Charansanitwong road and his car and 2 mobile phones seized.

This followed a complaint filed by the 15-year-old girl that the suspect had raped her in his vehicle at the U-turn beneath the Bangkok-side of Krung Thon bridge on the night of August 19 when she was returning home after completing a special assignment.

The victim said the suspect pretended to be a GrabTaxi driver and reached her through this ride-hailing and ride-sharing service’s application.

Police said this suspect had previously raped other teenagers younger than 15 years of age in adjacent Nonthaburi province.

Police added that the suspect would park his car near educational institutions and used a chat application to reach his young teenage victims.

When they agree to take a ride in his vehicle, he would get close to them and then gave them his mobile phone number so that they could reach him directly and not have to pay the GrabTaxi fee.

However, when they get around to doing so he would raped them.


Top: Metropolitan Police announcing the arrest of the rape suspect this morning. Photo: INN News