Saleswoman flees with second-hand car from buyer

A second-hand car buyer has filed a complaint with a police station in Ayutthaya province after the saleswoman fled with the car he bought from her.

Mr. Ramet Ratchart (37) said he bought the grey-color Mazda car (registration No.1กย 9439) from a second-hand car showroom in Ayutthaya province in May 2020 from a second-car showroom in Ayutthaya province.

In early February he was contacted by the saleswoman named Thitima Pongkasor (26), telling him that she would like to take his car to change the tyres and check other systems, which is part of the 3-month free check-up.

On Feb 6, 2021, the saleswoman came to his office and took the car for a tyre change. The saleswoman also asked him to sign his name on a photocopy of his Thai ID card, which she put into her bag.

On Feb 10, which was the day that the woman would return the car, she stopped contacting him. She changed her photo and all files and did not return his phone calls.

A car showroom assistant told Mr. Ramet that the saleswoman had quit her job since last December.