How snakes enter your toilet.

In Thailand, there has been a recent boost in snakes coming through the toilet. This used to be a myth until the most recent cases in which many have met with the fear of their lives. Some are lucky and see the snake before they perform their personal business on the toilet, but some were unlucky and got bit right on the spot.


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The worst case happened right in the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok. On the 8th of this month, an unlucky man living in a townhouse in Wang Thong Lang district, Bangkok province went to the toilet to perform his private business as normal but then ended up with 15 stitches right on his private parts. The criminal was a 2-meter python than managed to crawl all the way through the water pipes into the toilet.


Another case happened in Bangpakong district, Chachoengsao province. A 3-meter python paid a visit to a girl while she was performing her private business and ended up biting her bottom parts and her left wrist. Although shocked and scared, the girl went with her instinct by grabbing the snake by its neck and smashed it multiple times on the floor.




Thairath online has done amazing research and found out that there are 3 main engineering mistakes that can lead to snakes entering your toilet. Usually, snakes can come in through 3 main ways which are,


  1. Broken pipes: Snakes love atmospheres that are dark and humid, where broken pipes can lure snakes into crawling along the pipeline and ending up in the toilet.,


  1. The air outlet that is used to release any air pressure in the toilet system is placed above ground at a short level that snakes can easily crawl into can bring the snakes directly into the toilet., and lastly,


  1. The wastewater outlet connected to the wastewater plant has no filter or no cover to protect from animals entering, this can lead to not only one or two snakes visiting you but a whole snake nest raising a family in your water pipes.


FB Caption: Some are lucky, sadly some are not.


Source: Thairath Online