Song Wat, Bangkok makes top 40 coolest neighbourhoods in the world.

Song Wat in Bangkok has been ranked in the top 40 of Time Out’s World’s Coolest Neighbourhoods. Song Wat is very underrated in Thailand and is often overlooked when visiting the country. This small area is a hidden gem perfect for both locals and foreigners to explore. This ranking makes the Thai people proud while some who do not know about the area can now learn more about the neighbourhood. Time Out publishes the ranking and is a result of the opinions of thousands. These opinions are from locals and travelers who love urban areas. Time Out publishes the ranking every year and this year in 2023 Song Wat has made it to the top 40.


The main question asked is where is the spot locals actually love in cities—a location to go, unwind, and relax. 12,000 people answered and the list is a result of neighbourhoods to visit in the world. Because the opinions come from so many people, the results are further decreased with help from experts such as true locals and editors. Other aspects are also taken into consideration including the environment surrounding the neighbourhood and the community in these areas. Song Wat ranked 39 out of 40 neighborhoods internationally. Time Out states that Song Wat is located close to Bangkok’s Chinatown, yet quiet and relaxed. The area was popular during the early 1900s for trading. Locals in the area are making it a mission to transform the area.


To keep the classic culture but into a hub of modern businesses. You can find unique cafes, art galleries, food for all ages, and business buildings. The locals also came together and made a guidebook that is easy to follow, noting all the enchanting spots you should visit in Song Wat. As for other cool neighborhoods in the world, Laureles in Medellin, Columbia made it to the top for this year. Well known for their unique night life. Smithfield in Dublin, Ireland ranks the second with traditional spots that match well with new businesses. Carabanchel in Madrid, Spain ranks the third thanks to the amazing art scene.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Song Wat is located near Bangkok’s China Town, the destination for a relaxing day.

Credit: Time Out, Khaosod