Woman finds cockroaches in hot chocolate from famous café.

A woman found many cockroaches in her hot chocolate that was almost empty, she believes she drank some. The drink was purchased from a famous chain café in Thailand. A famous Facebook page named “if you want to be famous here you go part 2” in Thai shared the story online. The page also shared pictures showing inside the cup with tiny cockroaches . The post captioned “At a mall in Rayong Province. Where did the cockroaches come from. A couple went to a bank inside the mall and while on there way they purchased hot chocolate. While the woman was drinking she noticed something strange so the man opened the cup and saw cockroaches”. 


The woman stated “I am shocked, I drank almost all of it. I noticed something in my mouth and spit it out. I opened to see what was inside and was shocked. There are so many inside the cup. I am a frequent customer but I wanted to vomit after seeing this. The employee asked me if I wanted a new cup”. The Sanook News Team met with the couple on 23 May 2022. Pongnarin and Nichamon husband and wife revealed their story. Nichamon stated the incident took place on the 22nd when they went to a mall. She decided to get hot chocolate while waiting in queue at the bank. The café is located on the first floor and the husband ordered blended iced coffee and she ordered hot chocolate. 



They walked to the bank and she felt something in her throat. Nichamon spit it put and saw a small cockroach. They opened the cup and saw many dead cockroaches floating inside the cup. She almost vomited on the spot because she almost finished the drink. They walked back to the café and asked to see the manager. An employee informed them that the manager was not working. The employee looked inside the cup and apologized along with returning the cost of the hot chocolate which was 120 THB. She took the pictures as proof and then shared to social media as a warning to other customers. 


Credit: Sanook




Source: Sanook