Taiwanese call center swindlers arrested

THREE Taiwanese members of an international swindle gang were arrested by Nakhon Ratchasima police after they were caught fooling Thais into transferring money to their accounts by using high-tech phones which show official numbers, INN News said today (Oct. 13).

Pol. Lt. Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat, acting head of Provincial Police Region 3, and Pol. Maj. Gen. Suphakorn Khamsingnork, acting head for investigations there, told the press that these three Taiwanese suspects were charged with being a part of a gang that had swindled over 10 million baht from Thais in three months.

They also seized a lot of evidence among which are 13 ATM cards, Thai government bonds worth 459,000 baht, 15 passbooks of various banks, 8 mobile phones and electronic cards which they used to obtain money from other people.

Members of this call center gang are both Taiwanese and  Thais residing in Taiwan and they used a high technology to clone phones of various Thai agencies such as Department of Special Investigation (DSI), National Anti-corruption Commission, Anti-Money Laundering Office, Thai Post and various banks so that when they phoned their victims and threatened them with exposing certain wrongdoings they would believe it is an official contact and transfer the required money.

This gang had also hired Thais in various provinces to open bank accounts for them to use for 8,000 baht each and sent Taiwanese to Thailand as tourists to withdraw and transfer the cash from these accounts.


Top: Police talking to Taiwanese fraud gang suspects. Photo: INN News