Teacher tapes student’s mouth shut and other claims.

Sarasas School Samut Prakan Branch has apologized after a teacher taped a grade 1 student’s mouth shut. The 6-year-old was abused by the teacher who also punched his back and didn’t allow the boy to use the bathroom. Parents of the student went to file a report with the Bangpu Police. They also notified the media after the 6-year-old was abused by a teacher at the school. Si the teacher taped the student’s mouth shut and punched his back. The boy still has pain around the mouth area and was not allowed to use the bathroom until class finished. He is terrified of returning to school.


Credit: Tanai Koo Jai FB Page

The School reported on the incident on Christmas day (25 December 2020). The school stated “The grade 1/5 class teacher used clear tape on a student’s mouth and then punched his back as heard from the media. The school apologizes for the incident and is sorry for what happened. We apologize to the parents that were affected. Sarasas Samut Prakan recognizes the problem of student punishments. Management has helped keep watch and recommended teachers along with strict teaching regulations”.


The school also reveals they have given orders to never punish students physically or mentally. Teachers should teach students with love, understanding, and gentle care. There have been meetings with related sectors to protect against an incident like this from happening again. The 1/5 class teacher is new and has been working at the school for only 3-4 months with the required papers. The teacher has received training and joined in regular meetings. The teacher understands that physically harming the student is not allowed. After hearing about what happened the school has punished the teacher accordingly. The school apologizes to all parents and thanks to them for trusting the school.


Credit: Sanook

FB Caption: A teacher from Sarasas Samut Prakan assaults a 6-year-old student.

Source: Sanook