Thai Police denies accepting tourist’s money on tollway.

The Royal Thai Police has investigated on a story that was posted on social media claiming that a police officer on the tollway accepted money from tourist driving a big bike vehicle and let him go without taking the tourist to the police station.


Credit: Mthai
Credit: Mthai


The foreigner in the story shared on the 7th of this month his experience on the Facebook Page “Gromance Adventures”. In the post, the tourist explained that he was driving his big bike up on the tollway in Bangkok. A police officer happened to see him and called him over, but then the officer fined him for 1,000 THB and let him go without requiring him to go to the police station.



The Royal Thai Police received the news and ordered an investigation to be carried out with the goal of finding the truth to the story. The incident took place on the Don Muang Tollway, an elevated tollway that connected Pathumthani Province to Bangkok City. The area where the incident took place is under the responsibility of the Vibhavadi Rangsit Traffic Police Division.


The police in the Division reported that there were no officers belonging to the division that was in the incident. Furthermore, the pictures posted online by the tourist showed a man claiming to be an officer, but the man is not a police officer and has no history of ever being a policeman. The Traffic Police are continuing the investigation to find out the truth on the matter.




The Royal Thai Police wish to explain to the people that driving a motorbike or a big bike up on the tollway and the expressway is extremely dangerous. The cars are driving at high speeds where the accidents that occur on the tollway are extreme and oftentimes involves cases of death. It is also a violation of the law according to Section 139 of the Land Traffic Act, B.E. 2522 (1979). The punishment is a fine not exceeding 1,000 THB.


FB Caption: The foreigner was fined 1,000 THB for driving his Bigbike on the tollway by a man claiming to be a police officer.


Source: Mthai