Thaksin: Military close to losing power

FORMER prime minister Thaksin Shinawater said in an interview with Japanese broadcaster NHK that the military is now close to losing its power because if the February 2019 election is free and fair the democratic political parties will definitely get over 300 of 500 seats in the House of Representatives, reported today (Oct 19, 2018).

“I think democratic political parties will together get over 300 seats in the House of Representatives from a total of 500 but the government that will be set up (under the leadership of National Council of Peace and Order) will be a minority one which will be unable to govern the country and will collapse within a few weeks,” he said in the interview in Hong  Kong.

The former head of Thai Rak Thai party also mentioned that he has not shut the door on politics because he still hopes to give good things to those who support him.


Top: Former premier Thaksin speaking during the interview with  NHK. Photo: